El Jardin de las Mariposas


  • A Neighbor Space garden
  • Monarch butterfly sanctuary

The Jardin de las Mariposas was started in 1998. The original garden committee decided that the garden should focus on plants native to this region and the art should feature pre-hispanic Mexico. The first design on the gazebo (which is actually more of a stage and was supposed to represent the butterfly palace at Teotihuacan) was Aztec geometric shapes. There were also several art pieces led by Pros Arts Studio with Dvorak Park Day Camp participants including a tire sculpture made to look like a monarch butterfly caterpillar and picnic tables that depict the butterflies’ journeys between Chicago and the monarch reserve in Michoacan, Mexico. This garden features the monarch butterflies because they are animals local to the Chicago area and also to Mexico, which is also a reflection of the human population in Pilsen.

Contact Information:

S. Carpenter Street & W. 18th Place, Chicago, IL
(312) 666-5317