El Paseo Community Garden


  • A Neighbor Space garden
  • Monarch butterfly sanctuary
  • Allotment beds
  • Collective beds
  • Community Compost Bin

El Paseo Community Garden is situated between an unused industrial railroad, Casa Maravilla senior apartments and Casa Morelos single family apartments. Casa Maravilla seniors are the most active of the gardeners here, ranging in age from 50 to 75 years old. Overall, the garden welcomes a diverse array of Pilsen residents who are encouraged to participate at every level, from garden management to public art projects and social events.

Our garden is a teaching space for participants to grow and harvest fresh, healthy food, with educational workshops and events providing opportunities to learn and share knowledge and engage the community around issues of health, sustainability, and place.  Besides vegetable and herbs, the garden is home to brewing hops, grapes, hydroponic vegetables.

Contact information:

944 W. 21st Street, Chicago, Illinois
(773) 234-6168
Se habla Español

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