Orozco Garden

Orozco School Garden is located at Orozco Community Academy, 1940 W. 18th St. In May 2010, 250 middle schoolers participated in installing 15 raised beds for a total of 720 square feet of vegetable gardening! The program has developed as a project of the Elev8 initiative brought to the school through The Resurrection Project and LISC.Teachers, students and Elev8 staff partnered with WeFarm America for the design and implementation. The garden is home to a rotating variety of vegetables and also highlights plants from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In addition, 2nd graders have developed a plan to attract monarch butterflies with milkweed plants. The Orozco School Garden gives students a chance to interact with nature and discover where food comes from. Planting peaks curiosity for trying new veggies, and nutrition training enforces the benefits of eating healthy. Through composting and the use of rainbarrels, students are also introduced to environmentally sustainable practices.
During the school year and summer, the garden functions as an outdoor classroom and afterschool program for students. Parents and community members are invited to get involved through monthly workshops and volunteer opportunities.

For more information, contact Orozco Elementary School.


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